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The private medical center MedService started its activity in 2000 but during these years it was and remains as a hope and a health center for thousands of people.

When the private medical center MedService started its activity, approximately 60 patients were treated with hemodialysis on 10-15 dialysis machines serving about 8000000 Azerbaijani population. Our center started its activity under such conditions, gained attention and positive opinion of the Azerbaijani medical society for a short time due to its successful work. During these years thousands of patients with chronic and acute renal failure were accepted for hemodialysis treatment. It should be noted that, most of patients who were treated in our center were in a serious condition, as the condition of patients improved due to the pre-programmed regime thereatment by our center and was brought into a stable state. Some of them continue their treatment in recently opened hemodialysis centers in different regions of Azerbaijan. The specialists prepared in our center work in the private medical center MedService as well as in other modern advanced medical centers of Azerbaijan.

During these 21 years of its activity the private medical center MedService signed many innovations.

- The first private center of hemodialysis in the Caucasus, one of the first two centers in the countries of CIS.

In Azerbaijan:

- For the fist time, mobile hemodialysis

- For the first time, pediatric hemodialysis

- For the first time, hemodialysis treatment of a 6 month old child and complete recovery of the kidney function

- For the first time, insertion of a permanent catheter

- For the first time, hemodialysis treatment at home

- For the first time, a pregnancy of a patient on dialysis and a birth of an healthy child in the countries of CIS

- For the first time, our center conducts analysis to determine the level of intact parathormon, cystatin C, erythropoietin, vitamin B 12, cyclosporine, which are widely used in nephrology

- For the first time, nephrology site creation –

As a result, centers are opened in Azerbaijan meeting modern standards in comparison with the years our center started its activity since 2000. In comparison, the level of nephrological services has improved. Currently, there are centers of hemodialysis in all regions of Azerbaijan. Although not enough, there is a progress in the field of kidney transplantation and many successful operations are being performed. There are services of peritoneal dialysis also.

The role of MedService is not controversial in achievement of the level of nephrological services!


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The 3rd joint meeting of TOND - TDTD (Turkish Transplantation Society and the Turkic World Transplantation Society) was held on October 10-11, 2019, in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. This congress was attended by 450 member representatives from 25 countries including Azerbaijani delegation of 10 people, led by the director of the private medical center “MedService” nephrologist Hikmet Ismailov.













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The most prestigious university of Turkey- Bashkent University celebrates its 25th anniversary on September 14. It should be noted that the founder of Bashkent University , Professor Dr. Mehmet Haberal, at the same time the founder of TTS, MESOT, TOND, TDTD and honorary professor of Azerbaijan Medical University.

In 2000, there were serious problems in the organization of the hemodialysis service and other methods of renal replacement therapy (RRT). Dr. Mehmet Haberal was one of the first to propose the idea of organizing RRT as the main direction of our work in “ Medservis”. Prof. Dr. Mehmet Haberal gave us great support in the preparation of the treatment protocols, training of new cadres and in scientific research.



The "16th Congress of the Middle East Society for Organ Transplantation 2018" was held on September 5-7, 2018 in Ankara. The director of Private Medical Center "Medservice", physician- nephrologist Ismailov Hikmet participated in this significant congress.





The founder rector of Bashkent University, honorary professor of Azerbaijan Medical University Mehmet Haberal was elected as the president of TTS, at the World Transplantation Society congress in Madrid. A well-known scientist, Mehmet Haberal, former president of ISBI in 2004-2008, is the only specialist who has achieved such a huge success. We congratulate the great friend of Azerbaijan Mehmet Haberal on success! We hope that his election as President of TTS will give impetus to the development of this sphere in Azerbaijan!

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Turkish Transplantation Society and the Turkic World Transplantation Society-2017

The 2nd joint meeting of TOND- TDTD (Turkish Transplantation Society and the Turkic World Transplantation Society) was held on November, 2017, in Ankara, Turkey. The congress was held under the leadership of the founder president of TTS, selected for 2018-2020 years worldwide famous scientist, Professor Mehmet Haberal.
It should be noted that the 1st Congress of TOND-TDTD was held with great success in Baku on 1-3 June 2016, at Hilton Hotel. About 500 delegates from 22 countries of the world were participated in this congress.
Except Turkey, USA, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, Spain and Japan, the Middle East MESOT countries - Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Jordan, Kuwait, Pakistan, Qatar, UAE and member countries of Turkic World Transplantation Association- Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and many other countries also attended to Ankara congress.
The congress was dedicated primarily to the ethical, social and legal aspects of organ transplantation, the achievements in this field, the problems and further development, especially in young independent Islamic countries.


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The Joint Annual Meeting of the American Society of Transplant Surgeons and the American Society of Transplantation was held on June 2 - 6, 2018 in Seattle, Washington. The physician of private medical center " MedServis" Mehinbanu Mammadli MD represented Azerbaijan with poster presentation. More than 500 experts of this significant field participated in the congress with more than 1,800 abstracts, 500 oral scientific and 1,200 poster presentations. Our distinguished compatriot transplant surgeon Rauf Shahbazov working in University of Virginia and our fellow countryman Canadian citizen Feredun A zeri, had represented Azerbaijan worthily at this honorable meeting with 5 scientific presentations.


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