Sysmex XT-2000i (Hoffman La Roche, Japan)

Automated Hematology Analyzer

SYSMEX XT- 2000i

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The new hematology analyzer Sysmex XT – 2000i (Japan) is based on the revolutionary technology of flow cytometry. They are guaranteed accurate results and the possibility of a clear separation of normal and pathological samples. Fully automatic analyzer is designed for 30 parameters including complete leukocyte count and counting of reticulocytes.

Sysmex XT- 2000i from the manufacturer Hoffman La Roche is able to simultaneously determine up to 38 parameters. From all of these the main determinants are: hemoglobin concentration, hematocrit, red blood cell count, mean erythrocyte volume, mean hemoglobin concentration in erythrocyte, mean hemoglobin in erythrocyte, platelet count, mean platelet count, leukocyte count, differentiation of leukocytes by 5 fractions ( neutrophils, eosinophils, basophiles, lymphocytes and monocytes) with the expression of their number on the blank of the results.

Technological principle of work based on the revolutionary technology of flow cytometry in combination with histochemical methods provides high accuracy in the analysis of morphological characteristics and quantitative and qualitative assessment of cellular sub-populations.

Measured parameters

Erythrocytes, hemoglobin, hematocrit, mean erythrocyte volume, mean hemoglobin concentration, erythrocyte distribution width, leukocyte count, neutrophils, lymphocytes, monocytes, basophiles, eosinophils, immature granulocytes, number, average platelet count, platelet distribution width, % of large platelets, reticulocytes (% and absolute number), reticulocyte content 3 level maturity, fraction of immature reticulocytes, histogram of distribution of erythrocytes, thrombocytes and leukocytes.

Main characteristics

- 23 basic parameters + derivatives complete differentiation of leukocytes

- 80 samples per hour

- Digital sample identification

- Reports of morphological pathologies and deviations of indicators from normal

- Automatic calibration and quality control

- 85 mkl of whole blood from a test tube, 130 mkl in automatic mode

- 40 mkl blood for capillary analysis

- Measuring chambers with preheating reagent

- Levi- Jennings Schedules, online quality control

- The research memory: 10000 patients, including schedules


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