Humaclot Duo (HUMAN, Germany)

Humaclot Duo (HUMAN, Germany)

Two-channel analyzer of blood coagulation system

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Semi-automated coagulometer Humaclot Duo is a two-channel instrument for determining the basic parameters of the blood coagulation system. The device is an open system and can work with reagents from different manufacturers.

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The analyzer allows the following studies:

- Prothrombin time

- Activated partial thromboplastin time (APTT)

- Thrombin time

- Concentration of fibrinogen

Also the analyzer assumes automatic calculation of the normalized international ratio (INR) and has free space for user to create their own methods.

The Humaclot Duo coagulometer has an optical measuring system that responds to a change in optical density in the solution being analyzed. Due to clot formation reliable optical system used in the instrument is a two-channel photometer, which allows two analyzes simultaneously. The device is controlled by a microprocessor.

The analyzer has an internal chronometer and magnetic stirring devices, which are activated when the optical density changes suddenly when the reagent is added to the sample and fixes the time at clot formation moment. Simultaneous mixing with built-in magnetic devices guarantees excellent homogenization, and due to the formation of fibrin strands along the center of the optical pathway it allows measurement even at low fibrinogen concentrations.

One of the unique characteristics of the device is programmed storage time; this is initial moment of the oscillation of the optical density of the solution, which occurs immediately after the addition of the starting component and is caused by the fact that the reagent and the plasma are in the initial phase of homogenization. Due to the programmed time system, such initial fluctuations do not activate the system that fixes the formation of the bunch, preventing the receipt of false data.

The device has built-in incubator, which maintains a temperature of +37C for warming up samples and active solutions.

The software is characterized by a dialogue mode of “communication” with the operator. The operator can easily program, and subsequently edit 10 techniques. The results of measurements and calibration are recorded in the memory of the analyzer. Four of them have already been pre-programmed by HUMAN. Special functions allow returning settings of methods to the initial method.


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