NycoCard Reader II (Axis-Shield, Norway)


 Manufacturer: Axis- Shield, Norway

Reference: 1113117

A device for determining hemoglobin A1C, microalbumin, C-RB, D-dimmer

NycoCard ® reader II- a device designed for fast and reliable measurements of NycoCard ®-tests. With the help of NycoCard ® reader II and NycoCard tests, the physician can obtain accurate, quantitative results directly upon admission of the patient.

The following tests are available:

- NycoCard ® C-RB

- NycoCard ® D-Dimer

- NycoCard ® HbA1c

- NycoCard ®Microalbumin

The main advantages of diagnostic test systems of the “NycoCard” series for suspected inflammation, thrombosis or embolism, diabetes:

-The duration of the research is 2-3 minutes; it allows conducting them directly at the doctor’s office, at the patient’s bedside, at home, and at any time of the day, regardless of central laboratory.

- ability in this regard to quickly confirm or change the diagnosis, prescribe or cancel treatment.

-Insignificant volumes of blood for research obtained from the finger (3.5-100mkl), allow examining even newborns and children.

-Semiquantitative accounting is performed visually; accurate quantitative data are obtained using a portable densitometer.

-NycoCard ® reader II measures reflections in three parts of the visible spectrum. --The light emitted by the LED and reflected from the sample is measured by the sensor and then transmitted to the microprocessor. The microprocessor recalculates the concentration.

-The NycoCard ® reader II is controlled with using 3 buttons on the front panel. The measurement process takes only a few seconds and result will be shown on the display immediately after the measurement is completed. Calibration of the device, which allows obtaining reliable results, is simple and does not take much time.

The weight of the device is 450g.

Dimensions 200 x 170 x 70 mm

Built-in interface RS 232


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