DIALOGEvolution 4

The Dialog+ Dialysis System

Creating new dimensions in treatment quality

The new generation Dialog+ System: inspired by users, developed by system specialists, to provide high quality cost effective dialysis treatment.

A system with many configuration possibilities and smart accessories so you get exactly the solution suited to your individual requirements.

Available in 3 basic configurations:

Increased comfort

Increased functionality

Increased informativeness

Dialog+: simplicity of use driving advanced capability in patient safety monitoring

An intuitive touch screen makes set-up and operation of the system fast and easy. The Dialog+ offers the ability to monitor six combinable profiles:

- Ultrafiltration

- Sodium management profile

- Temperature profile

- Bicarbonate profile

- Heparine profile

- Dialysate flow profile

simplifying patient management with reminder functions for tasks such as drug administration, blood pressure measurements and heparin administration.

Other functions also include automatic blood pressure measurement and a patient therapy card reader.

Optimizing the quality of patient management with bioLogic RR Comfort and simplifying data management with Nixedia

The bioLogic RR Comfort biofeedback system through intelligent regulation of the ultrafiltration rate helps to monitor and stabilise patient blood pressure while the treatment is still in progress. The system is easily operated by just two key settings on the Dialog+ touch screen, thus providing nursing stuff more time for patient care.

Nixedia is a new modular patient data management system designed to simplify dialysis processes and maintain the documentation required for quality control. is a data management system which documents the entire treatment procedure introducing a new dimension of safety and efficiency. The intelligent software facilitates the management of patient data in a perfect workflow and reliably collects all treatment parameters.

Adimea- Real- time monitoring of the dialysis dose for optimising treatment quality

One of B.Brauns aim is to provide doctors and nursing teams with the best possible support for giving patients the optimum dialysis dose. Adimea is innovative measurement method for reliable and continuous dialysis dose control (Kt/V) throughout the entire treatment. Medical and nursing staff can selectively adjust the treatment parameters during treatment, which is great benefit to the patient. In other words, the equipment provides and optimum means for reaching the set treatment goals.

As your healthcare partner, B.Braun is committed to supporting you with the level of service you need to provide the highest standard of care for your patients.

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