The idea for opening private Hemodialysis center in Baku arose in 1999th year. The reason was simple and tragic - the catastrophic deficiency of dialysis sites in Azerbaijan and the lack of specialists in this field. June 6, 2000 – the opening date of our center. Thanks to the perseverance and aspiration of the investor, the support of the best specialists of Azerbaijan, Turkey, Russia and as well as the enthusiasm of all project participants, the hemodialysis department at medService medical center was opened. We provide a number of extracorporeal detoxification methods of therapy:

  • Hemodialysis
  • Plasmapheresis
  • The isolated ultrafiltration
  • Hemosorption
  • Phototherapy

Our department is equipped with apparatus “artificial kidney” of Swedish concern Gambro and the German company B.Braun. The basic model of Gambro AK-95 is intended for hemodialysis both in hospital and at home. A completely computerized device controls removing liquid volume, administration of heparin, venous and arterial pressure and other indicators, which allows individualizing the hemodialysis procedure.

An adequate dialysis is impossible without adequate water purification. We use a water purification system that meets world standards. The office works in 2-3 shifts. In the center the mobile teams of extracorporeal hemocorrection also is on duty round the clock. At its order there is all necessary equipment for hemodialysis, ultrafiltration, plasmapheresis, hemosorption in the conditions of another medical institution and even at home. Each re-entering patient is tested for hepatitis B and C, HIV and is vaccinated against hepatitis B. For patients with chronic viral hepatitis, a separate box has been identified, where 2 hemodialysis machines are installed. After each session the equipment undergoes a four- stage cleaning procedure -draining,flushing, hot disinfection, chemical disinfection.


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Jalil Mammadguluzadeh Street 3, AZ1009, Baku Azerbaijan